Inspire Southeast Wisconsin

Engage students. Expose them to real-world careers. Find your future workforce.

When young people understand regional career opportunities and the skill sets required to work in local industry, they’re more likely choose career paths in industries and employers right here in Southeast Wisconsin. The Kenosha area now has a unique opportunity to strengthen ties between our business and education community and our future workforce.


Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is a powerful web-based platform that provides a central hub where area students (grade 6-12) and educators – including those in Kenosha Unified School District – can actively interact with local employers and career coaches to explore a variety of industries and employers in our region. Participation is free and open to any industry or sector in the region.

Within the seven-county Southeast Wisconsin region – which includes Kenosha, Walworth, Racine, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha and Washington counties – more than 300 employers have active company profiles and 68,000+ students have active online portfolios.

Employers choose their level of involvement.

Set up a Company Profile – Employers are encouraged to create a company profile on Inspire as a first-step to informing students, their parents and educators about your industry’s career opportunities. Through your company profile, you can describe your business, highlight your unique attributes, and communicate your areas of need to future employees.

Through the Inspire platform, students can search employers and occupations in a multitude of ways. They may reach your company profile by searching one of your listed employable occupations, by searching your industry, or by looking you up directly. Students will often receive direct assignments from KUSD educators to help guide their academic and career planning activities.

Find examples to create a good company profile and how to leverage your talent pool at the link below.

Leveraging Inspire Southeast Wisconsin


Become a Career Coach – By spending less than an hour per week, you can share your experience and advice by answering company and career-related questions from students through system-wide message boards. Employers are encouraged to designate company representatives to serve the Inspire community and provide general career guidance in career areas where they have expertise. This can have real impact on helping the next generation determine the right career and academic pathway for their future.

With Career Coach discussion boards, students can ask questions of real, talented experts within their local community. Coaches can expect to spend less than an hour each week responding to student inquiries – and each inquiry made is reviewed by the student’s teacher/advisor.


Offer Career-based Learning Activities – Employers can also offer career-based learning experiences through the Inspire platform, and engage directly with students and schools through a variety of options, such as company tours, classroom presentations, internships, job shadows and apprenticeships. These experiences are ideal for building the talent pipeline and increasing the visibility of what company’s require from the workforce – and bridge connections with the classroom. View a comprehensive list of  career-based learning experiences you can offer at the link below.

Career-Based Learning Experiences (CBLE)



Inspire SE WI benefits for employers include:

  • Getting in front of young people and their influencers earlier
  • Offering a low-risk way for companies and young people to “test drive” a potential employment match
  • Providing access to a pool of skilled and motivated potential employees
  • Facilitating work-readiness that can reduce training/recruiting costs of new employees
  • Generating positive publicity for careers in industries like manufacturing, engineering and technology
  • Promote careers that are available in Southeast Wisconsin and help students realize the opportunities in their own community
  • Expand your recruiting pool for summer job/intern programs and entry-level positions
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world work needs

Ready to Get Started? Here’s a few simple steps.

Follow these three simple steps to develop a company profile or register as a career coach on Inspire Southeast Wisconsin. You can easily tailor your participation and level of involvement.

STEP ONE – Collect your Information.

For Company profiles: Have on hand a description of your company, links to your company webpage and job site, a description of the quality and skills your look for in potential employees and list of jobs you hire for.

For Career Coach profiles: Grab your resume to remind yourself of your past positions.

STEP TWO – Register online.

Registering will take you less than a half hour!

Register your Company     Register as a Career Coach


STEP THREE – Log in.

In 5-7 days, you will receive a confirmation email with your log in information. Log in to the Partner portal to confirm your profile is accurate. You can make any changes or add any additional information, including company videos or logos, in this Partner portal.

What’s next?

Within 7-10 business days after you register you will receive a confirmation email with important information about your account. Please take a moment to read through it and log into the system to become familiar with your profile.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about the Inspire platform or to schedule a New Partner Orientation session to learn more about the Inspire tool, please contact Brooke Infusino, KABA’s Director of Talent Development | 262.925.3464