Our Goals

KABA’s efforts to build Kenosha County’s economy are guided by five key principles outlined in Kenosha First – An Economic Development Strategy for Kenosha County:

  1. Support and expand the existing base through business retention and consolidation strategies.

  2. Position Kenosha County for long-term economic growth and vitality.

  3. Attract, retain and engage talent.

  4. Ensure all parts of the county are economically, digitally, and physically connected.

  5. Build a distinct image and brand for Kenosha County.

Kenosha First

KABA engaged TIP Strategies, Inc., an Austin-based economic development-consulting firm, to assist in developing an economic development plan for Kenosha County. The report is the result of a seven-month process incorporating input and ideas from key stakeholders throughout the county.

The Kenosha First Economic Development Strategy for Kenosha County provides KABA and Kenosha County with an economic vision that positions the county for growth.

Kenosha First: An Economic Development Strategy for Kenosha County     Kenosha First Executive Summary