KUSD helps students learn about careers in Kenosha – but need help from local businesses

As a community member do you ever drive by a building and wonder what type of business is happening on the inside? Many times I make a mental note of the name and then Google it when I have a chance. I love to learn what Kenosha has to offer to our students and their future employment. When I speak to parents about their child’s journey at Kenosha Unified School district, I tell them to do that same activity when their children are in the car with them. It is an instant learning experience and an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation about life after high school.

We have a variety of opportunities for our students to learn about careers in Kenosha but we need help from our area businesses to make sure we expand our current opportunities for youth.

Kenosha Business Trivia

Each school sets aside time during their schedule to work on Academic and Career Planning. A wide variety of learning happens so they can learn what they like/dislike about careers, what do certain careers entail, how to prepare for a career, etc. Next school year we want to offer business trivia about Kenosha businesses. We want to connect them with learning about our area businesses This may be an opportunity for them to want to know more about their community, learn about the products made in Kenosha, research about the careers and make a connection for their future.

Example: What Kenosha company manufactures indigo-clean lighting that disinfects the hospital environment? This ceiling light fixture uses safe visible light to disinfect germs to protect patients.

Do you know the answer?

Want to give us a fact(s) about your business? Please email ckothe@kusd.edu and we will add you to our list to share with students.

Inspire Southeast WI

Want to get the name of your business in front of 20,000 + students and educators in Kenosha Unified School District? You can register your business for free. You also can select which activities that your business wants to participate in. Our students use this site to look at careers in the area, opportunities for employment, job shadowing, etc. Our teachers use the site to ask people to come in and guest speak, judge students competitions, offer teacher tours, etc.

Check out kaba.org/inspiresewi for more information. Need help, want to see a demo or learn how to get involved please connect with Cheryl Kothe or Brook Infusino.

Youth Apprenticeship

Governor Walker signed a bill into law on April 12 regarding Youth Apprenticeship (https://walker.wi.gov/press-releases/giving-high-school-seniors-head-start-governor-walker-signs-youth-apprenticeship-bill). Currently Kenosha Unified has 25 students employed in area business. Jonathon is a senior who is completing a youth apprenticeship as a CNC operator at MedTorque. Jonathon’s counselor said the following: “Jonathon is a remarkable young man who has always demonstrated himself as a positive role model, despite his quiet and shy demeanor. He is a very humble young man who has made significant strides in being an advocate for himself both personally and academically. I would consider him a “spokesman” for the Gateway CNC Bootcamp Program. Jon has continued to achieve his goals in this program to the point that he is a “household name” in the eyes of the CNC Bootcamp directors. I have no doubt that he will continue to impress in the years to come.”

Career and Technical Education Showcase

Check out KUSD student work on May 22nd from 3-6 p.m. at LakeView Technology Academy.  Students from the Career and Technical Education programs from the high schools will be displaying projects that they have completed during the school year. Our culinary students will be providing some of their delicious work as well.

“Showing the kids coming out of High School that there is an alternative to those who college may not be a path, is key. We need to have our youth interested in the skilled trades for the survival of manufacturing and other top paying jobs. Gateway has helped to grow that relationships between local area manufacturers and their current graduating classes.”
Kenny Sanchez, Machining Manager at MedTorque

Written by Cheryl Kothe, Coordinator of Career & Technical Education, Kenosha Unified School District

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