The future of Kenosha is inspiring – don’t miss out on being a part of this story

I have sat in the audience of the Future 5 Awards organized by YLINK for the prior two years.  While I watched the videos of the winners, most of whom I did not know, I couldn’t help but be inspired.  Then, the last Thursday in April came and it was a night I will never forget.  It was the 2018 Future 5 Young Professional Awards, and instead of sitting in the audience watching stories about other people, I sat in the front with my family and coworkers watching my story.

The Future 5 program is such an important event in our community and for our young professionals because it highlights different causes or avenues a person could take to get involved. Looking at the 5 winners this year, no story was the same. I love that! This year’s winners were recognized for a variety of things: volunteerism, park improvements, working with students, being on a board, and a new generation business owner. It spotlights that whatever your passion may be, there is an organization out there in Kenosha that would love your input and help. There is no right way to get involved in our community; they are all the right way.

Part of our obligation as young professionals is to get involved and act. Every time I go to a volunteer event or sign up to see a speaker, I invite friends or colleagues who are other young professionals to join.  I encourage others to do that, too, since it’s an easy way to get your feet wet. For me, helping my community is an obligation, not a choice.

The future of Kenosha is inspiring – don’t miss out on being a part of this story.

Kerry Korn (pictured second from left) is Business Analyst at Uline and a 2018 Future 5 Award Winner

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