The awesome opportunity for personal branding on LinkedIn

Most of us generally acknowledge LinkedIn as a great way to source new sales, connect with business leaders, find strong candidates, and read interesting articles.

LinkedIn has over 610 million users, with less than half of those active monthly, and only 40% of those active users engaging daily. Yet LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. (See statistics here.)

Most LinkedIn users aren’t nearly as active in comparison to Facebook or Instagram, although the engagement since the release of video in 2017 is steadily growing.

What does this data mean? It means there is tremendous opportunity to grow on the platform.

Have you wondered why and how some users seem to gain all the attention and you don’t?

Here’s a few simple tips to engage on LinkedIn effectively.

  1. First, LinkedIn is a great place to develop and promote your personal brand and provide value – but it’s a terrible place for direct sales. Many successful LinkedIn users are building very strong personal brands separate from their companies, and consequently yielding connections and increasing sales for their companies.
  2. Posting regularly – 3-5 times a day – is a great way to boost visibility. LinkedIn gives you the option for: copy/text only, pictures, slides and videos. I recommend trying to mix up the media you are presenting.
  3. If you send a connection request, add a personal note. Anyone that interacts with your post is a great person to invite to connect. Try to limit adding people you aren’t engaging. (As a side note: change the default from connect to follow.)
  4. Like your own post and comment by tagging other users relevant to the post. This is a basic algorithm trick. It shows activity on your post and gets the attention of other users. When tagging make sure the post is relevant to that specific person.
  5. Try to keep your posts industry-specific to keep with your target market.
  6. Set a goal relevant to what you would like to accomplish such as finding candidates, sales, or general networking.
  7. Trying to interact and engage with meaningful conversation with 10 posts a day. This will take roughly 20-30 minutes a day. With consistency, this habit can boost your visibility – and people really appreciate meaningful interaction. (Engagement isn’t “Great post” or “cool”, I recommend a few paragraph response that shows you have read the content or watched the video.) Try to engage with five people you are connected to and five people you aren’t. This will mean that consistently you are extending your visibility both inside and outside of your network.

Written by Joel Lalgee. Want more tips on managing content? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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