Square Roots partnering with GFS to open Kenosha farm; will grow fresh produce in shipping containers

In the dead of winter, the last thing on the minds of many Kenoshans is the thought of freshly-grown produce, salads and herbs on the plate.

But that’s all about to change.

Square Roots, an innovative indoor farming facility opening next to the Gordon Food Service distribution plant at 10901 38th St., near the Kenosha Regional Airport, announced Wednesday it has officially begun operations.

Partnering with GFS, Square Roots — the brainchild of co-founders Tobias Peggs and Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk — is a company that integrates a state-of-the-art smart-farm technology platform and proprietary software to control its hydroponic growing systems. That means the company can produce lush herbs and greens year-round and picked fresh, while distributing to local grocery stores and restaurants often the same day they’re picked.

“Our partnership with Gordon Food Service, combined with our modular, smart-farm platform, means we can rapidly deploy new indoor farms in strategically located cities like Kenosha,” said Peggs, who is also Square Roots’ CEO. “We are also able to create exciting jobs in the community while making locally-grown food available, all year-round, to new consumers in nearby Chicago and Milwaukee, significantly expanding our reach in the Midwest.”

Read more at the Kenosha News.

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