Snap-on and 21 other Wisconsin companies make Newsweek’s 2023 list of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies

22 Wisconsin companies are included in Newsweek magazine’s second annual list of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.

Newsweek partners with Germany-based research and data firm Statista to compile the list, which includes 700 companies in 23 industries. All companies based in the U.S. with more than $500 million in annual revenue were considered.

The basis of the analysis was an independent survey from a sample of about 25,000 U.S. residents, who rated companies they know in terms of all three touchpoints of trust. A total of 95,000 evaluations of companies were submitted. For each company that received a sufficient number of evaluations, a “social listening” analysis was conducted. This involved researching what was said about a company in various media segments of the internet and evaluating whether it was positive, neutral or negative. In total, over 270,000 mentions were gathered. Additionally, all companies that were involved in any recent scandals or lawsuits relevant to a dimension of trust were excluded from the analysis.

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