Recycling company plans Pleasant Prairie operation

Louisville, Colorado-based recycling company AMP Robotics Corp. plans to establish an operation in an existing facility at 9501 80th Ave. in Pleasant Prairie.

The company plans to use the site, located in the LakeView Corporate Park, for a secondary sortation facility to process recyclable materials from a primary material recovery facility, including paper, plastics, and metals. The facility is expected to be operational this fall and will have 25 employees.

The company plans to install specialized equipment that it will use to sort the recyclable materials delivered to the facility. Most materials received at the site will come from a primary materials recovery facility that has already processed the materials. The recyclables will primarily consist of newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, tin cans, and aluminum beverage containers.

AMP Robotics is developing technologies that combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to bring efficiency to the recycling industry, a Pleasant Prairie report states.

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