Pritzker Military Archives Center taking shape in Somers

 Construction of the Pritzker Military Archives Center is progressing on Highway E as crews build the foundation of what will become the flagship building at the 288-acre site.

“Since October 2020, our team has been working on the first stages of constructing the Pritzker Military Archives Center, which includes clearing and excavating the land, pouring the foundation, completing the framing, and utility work,” said Claudia Gutierrez, of TAWANI Enterprises, Inc., the Chicago-based development company that focuses on history-based projects.

The progress is visible to all via on-site EarthCam footage posted on military museum’s website, The “Construction Updates” page of the website is updated weekly and a new progress video is shared monthly.

“Our plan is to also create and share videos at important milestones,” Gutierrez said.

Fred Galati Sr., a senior superintendent of Pepper/Riley Construction shares information in the January update video about how they are proceeding in the spirit of the Navy Seabees’ construction battalion motto, “Can do.”

“This building will honor those that fought and died for this country,” Galati said.

Soil erosion silt fencing has been installed and measures are being taken as the foundation is constructed to protect it from frost damage. Frost blankets are being used and rebar will be heated during the process.

Read more in the Journal Times.

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