Nosco Announces Plans for Major Investment in New Manufacturing Equipment and Technologies

Company plans asset expansion across multiple plants and product lines through continued support from parent organization, Holden Industries, Inc.

Nosco, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., announced today its asset investment plans to support folding carton and digital label production at its Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin facility, as well as flexographic label production at its Carrollton, Texas facility. Nosco’s asset plans were strategically designed by a cross-functional team of industry experts and engineers, and include:

  • Two Brausse Diecutters to support folding carton line production – increasing speeds, expanding capacity and allowing for greater efficiency in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.
  • Two Digital Finishing assets and one Inspection unit to increase digital label output and set the company up for additional print asset investments in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin later this year.
  • 13” Mark Andy 9-Color Flexographic Press to expand flexographic label capacity and replace aging flexographic print equipment in Carrollton, Texas.

“This level of expansion and investment is remarkable for our industry,” said Craig Curran, Nosco President. “We expect all equipment to be onboarded this summer. Our focus areas for this year are centered around increasing output and on-time delivery. These asset investments will help get more product out the door to our customers throughout the year.”

In addition to Nosco’s asset investment plans, the organization will soon continue its leadership through a Packaging Innovation Center expansion in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

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