Gurnee alloy tooling company relocating to Pleasant Prairie

Zapp Tooling Alloys Inc. (ZTA) will relocate its Gurnee, Ill., operations to Pleasant Prairie, the village announced on Monday. ZTA comprises a group of companies that operate worldwide and are involved in the steel production industry, supplying high-performance tooling alloys for various specialty markets.

In early May, Shawn Gilleran, agent for ZTA, submitted permit applications to occupy a 38,272-square-foot building located at 8100 100th St. in LakeView Corporate Park. The company plans to employ eight workers at the Pleasant Prairie location, the village said in a release.

“I am delighted Zapp Tooling Alloys has selected the Village of Pleasant Prairie for their relocation project,” said Jean Werbie-Harris, the village’s community development director. “The company is known for providing quality steel tooling solutions and will be an excellent addition to the local business community. I look forward to seeing the company get settled and thrive in its new location.”

The Pleasant Prairie facility will warehouse plate and bar products. Materials will be saw cut to exact customer requirements on a just-in-time basis, with orders servicing North America and South America, as well as Asia. The company anticipates having its last day of operations in its Gurnee facility on May 21, with operations at the Pleasant Prairie location moving forward starting May 24.

The company provides high-precision, cold-forming, and high-performance metallic solutions for numerous industries, including automotive and aviation, medical alloy, and tool steel.

The Zapp Group has 15 locations worldwide in Europe, North America, and Asia. Its roots date back to 1701 with the Zapp family in Germany.

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