Golden Oil building corporate headquarters in Somers; site will also have an Amoco station, store

Golden Oil Co., owner of the Kenosha Travel Plaza, 11800 Burlington Road (Highway S) in Somers, has started construction of a two-story Amoco gas station and convenience store facility in east Somers that will serve as its corporate headquarters.

The 7,500-square-foot facility at the northwest corner of Highway E (12th Street) and 22nd Avenue will also contain three fast food restaurants, including Subway, Hunt Brothers Pizza and Chester’s Chicken, according to Paul Bhardwaj, the chief executive officer and founder of Janesville-based Golden Oil.

“It will provide needed products and services that are not currently available in the area,” Bhardwaj said in a news release. “We find Somers to be a great place to do business. We found the Village Board shares the same interests as we do to improve Somers.”

Somers and Golden Oil officials said the facility at 1170 22nd Ave. is scheduled to open in March 2021. It will be located across the street from a BP gas station and convenience store. BP (British Petroleum Co.) merged with Amoco in 1998, and both brands are still used. Golden Oil does not own the BP station at the southeast corner of 22nd Avenue and Highway E.

Read more at the Kenosha News.

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