Developer plans 424 housing units on Kenosha County country club site

The Maplecrest Country Club in Kenosha County could become a neighborhood with 424 single-family homes, townhomes and duplexes under a proposal by Chicago-area developer Legacy Varin.

The proposal calls for 177 single-family homes on lots of at least 12,000 square feet, 110 duplex units, 77 townhome units and 60 pocket homes, according to village board meeting materials. There would also be 38 acres of park and open space, as well as walking paths throughout the development.

Due to the rising costs of building materials, the developer proposes having around 150 units in the northwest corner of the development be market-rate rentals instead of owner-occupied units, according to village planning documents. The developer said it could secure more favorable financing if a portion of the project produced regular rental income.

The 162-acre site is at 9401 18th St. in the village of Somers. Maplecrest Country Club Inc., led by president Daniel Plebanek, owns the land and David Nankin of Legacy Varin in Highland Park, Illinois, is pursuing the development, according to village planning documents.

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