City of Kenosha to vote on new housing partnership with ULINE

The Kenosha City Council Wednesday will consider if it will create a new home ownership program in partnership with ULINE and allocate up to $3 million in a matching fund Wednesday.

In a prepared statement the city called the effort a “once-in-a-generation investment” through a private donation of $3 million from ULINE. It will require a commitment from the city to match the donation and leverage public and private resources to offer families home ownership in the community.

Kenosha mayor John Antaramian thanked ULINE, one of the county’s largest private employers, for the support.

“It is commitments like this from a private corporation that make Kenosha one of the strongest economic areas in the State of Wisconsin. This approach to neighborhood revitalization is what leads to impactful changes in the neighborhoods,” Antaramian said. “Today, we are acting to increase the supply of affordable housing, which is crucial to lowering housing costs. We look forward to continuing the work on this partnership.”

The city has designated 30 current residential parcels to be used to build single family owner-occupied homes.

“Uline is proud to be a part of the Kenosha community. Many of our employees live here. Affordable home ownership is vital to those who want to live and work here,” said ULINE president and founder Elizabeth Uihlein.

If approved, the Home Ownership Program will be administered by the Department of City Development to provide financial assistance to city residents for the purchase and repair/construction of owner-occupied single family homes, according to city documents. The city will accept the financial donation from ULINE and provide matching funds up to $3 million.

Read more at the Kenosha News.

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