8 million croissants a week: Crown Bakeries to add new line, 110 jobs to Pleasant Prairie facility

Every week, more than 5 million croissants are folded, rolled, baked, bagged and shipped from the Crown Bakeries facility in Pleasant Prairie.

That number will be getting even bigger soon enough for the company located at 10490 88th Ave. with a second production line planned to start rolling out the buttery pastries next month, bringing about 110 new jobs to the area and plenty of croissants.

The 200,000-square-foot baking plant, which first opened in 2017 as Gold Standard Baking, will soon be putting out nearly 8 million croissants a week according to Latisha Parks in human resources with Crown Bakeries.

That’s enough pastries to give every city resident 80 croissants a week.

John Gilbert, director of human resources operations at Crown Bakeries, said the new line was in response to growing demand from their customers, primarily large corporations. Croissants from Pleasant Prairie are sent as far away as California and Florida.

“The sales are there, we just need the equipment and the people, “Gilbert said.

That equipment will include a line of mixers, folders, ovens and conveyor belts several hundred feet long, designed for baking and packaging millions of croissants and filling the sizeable facility with the smell of baking bread.

According to Gilbert, with the addition of the Pleasant Prairie facility, Crown Bakeries as a whole will put out more than 10 million croissants a week, making it one of the largest fresh and frozen croissant bakers on the continent.

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