Make employee development your next big investment

Everyone benefits from the chance to hone their skill set. Period. It doesn’t matter the type of job or industry you’re in. And, employers have a big role in helping to support this. Not only does it prove to your employees that they matter to you – it also creates an engaged and more talented workforce.

Supporting employee growth and development looks different for every employer. Whether you sign up a team to attend a workshop or seminar, or allow staff time off to serve on committees or nonprofit boards – the investment is worthwhile.

And, as word gets out that you want employees to seek out opportunities to advance, chances are, you’ll solidify your reputation as an employer of choice. In other words – give people the resources to grow professionally and more people will want to work for you.

We have local data to back this up. In 2016, we completed the Labor Market Analysis of Kenosha County, which analyzed employee perceptions in the Kenosha area. Results of that survey showed that when employees feel they are fairly compensated – factors such as opportunity for advancement, additional training, work-life balance, positive company culture, etc., become increasingly important in a person’s decision to stay at their current job.

At KABA, we’re excited to offer high-quality professional development resources. Five years ago, we took on the opportunity to create a customized leadership event called Inspire to help invest and grow the leadership skills in our community.

Since then, Inspire has blossomed into a learning experience that taps some of the best and brightest leaders in our region and nation. Our speaker lineup highlights amazing stories of creativity, generosity and perseverance that will inspire you to be your best self for your team, your family and your community.

We hope you see Inspire as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your staff. We hope you’ll join us on September 15.

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Written by Brooke Infusino, Director of Talent Development at the Kenosha Area Business Alliance.

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