Inspire Greatness and Growth in your Team

Looking to grow your business in the new year? Grow your team!

It’s easy to create big goals and strategies for your team and business and create a strategy to execute them with deadlines and achieve the desired outcome. But, all too often, we miss these goals and metrics or there’s an absence of joy when accomplished. This is because your TEAM is not personally growing and seeking new levels while working diligently for these business goals.

So, how is it possible to surpass your team’s goals AND infuse joy within your team?

Invest in the growth and development of YOU and your team–both personally and professionally.  Your business will only grow as much as you all grow together.

It starts with understanding your team and their individual vision and goals. Creating big energy and engagement starts with your team members feeling supported and encouraged to work toward life and career ambitions.

How do great leaders motivate, empower, manage and grow their business and teams?

  1. Leverage your leaders’ individual strengths and zones of genius.
  2. Empower your team and leverage them as collaborators.
  3. Integrate fun, energy, recognition, and personal development into each day.
  4. Be an example.  Role model of growth and having work/life boundaries.
  5. Lead with a strategy and communicate your vision.

BONUS: Be curious, vulnerable and remind your team of their greatness!

It’s a gift to lead a team, and when we bring personal growth, more connection, and energy to our teams, we can achieve unprecedented business and client goals.

Written by Megan Kuiper, Life and Leadership Coach/Keynote Speaker, MK-Life on Purpose.

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