Building our Future: Investing in early childhood development

Building Our Future works to strengthen systems to expand programs that make a positive difference for our future workforce. By aligning all sectors and analyzing results, as a community we can continuously improve our systems for change.

One of the areas Building Our Future is focusing on is early childhood development because it builds a solid foundation where children are empowered to learn and contribute. Studies have shown that $7.30 is returned when a community invests $1 in early childhood.

At the other end of the spectrum, we’re expanding into postsecondary and career readiness to immediately impact Kenosha’s workforce needs.

As a community, we must do this work together. There are many ways to be involved in early childhood with Building Our Future:

  • In-kind donations such as sharing your expertise in marketing or offering insight to a childcare center can help expand our knowledge and ability to communicate across all sectors
  • Volunteering with community programs as tutors or a career mentors is a great way to directly impact students
  • Monetary contributions aid us in system development and outreach, or connect us with local and national funders
  • Designate someone from your company to be a “community supporter”– someone from your organization that will rally your team around the work
  • Share the word about Building Our Future in the community and on social media!

We would love to get your organization and employees engaged in this work. To connect, please contact us at

Written by Marley Uran, Communications Intern, Building Our Future 

Building Our Future is a network of community leaders representing all sectors of Kenosha County committed to improving student outcomes.

Our partnership unites existing programs, organizations and community resources to reach our shared goals. Data allows us to measure our impact, continuously evaluate and improve our process, while shining a light on our successes and bright spots!

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