Honoring a legacy of mentoring

In early 2009, my dear friend and colleague, Jerry Cronin, invited me to join him one afternoon at Brass Community School to visit with him and his mentee. He talked about how rewarding the mentoring experience is and how life has a way of giving back to those who help others. Impressed with the mutual respect and affection between Jerry and his mentee, I became a mentor soon after and have been one ever since.

I have worked with four children over the seven years that I have participated in the KABA program. I currently meet with a second grade girl at Brass. The smile and open arms that welcome me when she meets me in the hallway makes my day. Seeing her so happy to see me is one of many times when I say to myself this is worth it. Knowing that you can bring joy to someone’s life once a week for 40 minutes is a very rewarding experience.

Mentors are positive people. It takes a positive person to give of themselves to help another learn, grow and succeed. The time spent with your student returns positive energy to both your child and yourself in so many ways.

I strongly encourage mentoring. Knowing that you are making a positive difference is both satisfying and fulfilling. My friend Jerry passed away in 2010 but I decided to continue Jerry’s legacy and often invite friends to join me in a visit with my mentee. Contact KABA if you would like to join me or learn more about the mentoring program.

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Written by Connie Rinaldi, longtime KABA Mentor and accountant with Andrea & Orendorff. 

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