Kenosha County Quality of Life


Every community advertises a high quality of life. This means different things to different people. And Kenoshans are no different, with one minor exception. Kenoshans share a common thread - a passion for their community that borders on the exceptional. Of course, when your community offers as much as Kenosha, that's understandable.

Here is what sets Kenosha County apart:

  • 20 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline as the county's eastern boundary
  • Chicago is 60 miles South on I-94
  • Milwaukee is 30 miles North on I-94
  • Lake Geneva, WI is the county's western boundary

And what’s in the middle is a dynamic and growing community with a great K-12 education system, a strong economy and job market, a flourishing residential market, excellent higher education resources resources (including two 4-year universities and a 2–year technical college), and incredible people that take great pride in their community.

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